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Reasons to avoid resin coated LED tape!

When it comes to selecting which coating and IP rating LED tape you require whether your LED tape is going outside, in bathrooms or you are just looking for extra protection for you tape there are a few things to be wary of.

Resin type LED tape - this type of LED tape comes with a resin dome over the whole top half of the PCB board with 3m tape on the back, this give the initial feeling of better quality and a nice protection for your LED tape against touch etc. It is IP65 rating meaning it is splash proof but cannot be used exterior. However as we have over 7 years experience in the LED Tape market we have found many problems with this LED tape and this is why we have discontinued this product.
Here are the main reasons to avoid the Resin coating LED tape:
- The resin LED tape discolours over time, changing from clear resin to a brown colour, affecting the colour of the LED tape and brightness.
- The resin LED tape overheats and is a fire hazard! Yes that's correct the resin LED tape is trapping the heat of the LED's and not allowing enough heat to get away. This causes the LED's to fail, resin to look burnt and is a possible fire hazard.

Left: Resin LED Tape that has burnt out. Right: Unused resin LED Tape 

Here at Instyle LED we avoid all resin type LED tape and also IP68 LED tape as this has similar problems. The choice of IP coating that we use and recommend is the IP67 heat shrink type. This allows for sufficient heat to get away so it does not overheat. This type of LED tape also does not discolour over time. The heat shrink coating only adds approx 1mm to the thickness of the LED tape and is very easy to cut and re-join.
We recommend the IP67 LED tape to be used inside or outside but is non submersible (in ponds etc). 

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