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New product Aluminium extrusion

Instyle LED are always looking to increase their product range and offer you the best quality products. We are now offering various Aluminium Extrusions for the best selling LED tape.
The aluminium extrusions come in various forms from recessed to surface mounted to corner types. These aluminium extrusions offer protection to the LED tape , keeping it out of reach, protection from moisture and offering a professional finish, the extrusions also provide a place for you to fit the LED tape where you possibly couldn't before.
The extrusions come in one metre lengths and can be simply butted up together to make a constant run. They can easily be cut by a hack saw to fit your project perfectly. All extrusions come with a frosted cover making the product ideal for projects where the LED tape can be seen.

The specifications of each extrusion are as follows:

Recessed extrusion: 22mm wide  / 6mm deep  / 15.2mm cut out required

Corner extrusion:  19mm wide  / 19mm deep

Surface mount extrusion: 15.2mm wide  / 6mm deep

Note: Photos to follow soon.

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