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New 1 watt RGB LED strips

Instyle LED's new super bright 1 watt RGB colourchanging LED strips.

 Instyle LED's 1 watt RGB strips will blow you away! Full colourchanging they can literally change the colour of a room, set the mood , create the atmosphere. Super bright they are ideal to wash walls , ceilings , exterior signs or any area where high bright washing is required. Available in different lengths and supplied in a sleek aluminium profile they can be fitted almost anywhere. Both interior versions or exterior IP rated versions are available allowing you to install anywhere. Optic versions are available to give it a tighter beam angle ideal for all applications. Product comes complete with mounting brackets for easy install and all the LED strips are premium quality UK manufactured using the branded Luxion LED's.
LED strips: There are many types of LED strips from LED tape to LED bars and batons. The brightest and most powerful LED strips are the strips that use 1Watt LED's. LED strips that use these will tend to come in a complete aluminium extrusion as a finished product, they will be quite bulky compared to the smaller LED strips and LED tapes this is due to they need a larger heat sink for cooling the LED's. LED tapes and smaller LED strips use an LED called a 5050 SMD - this pulls around 0.24W per LED and because these do not get as hot they can be fitted onto smaller boards or flexible LED tape.

Instyle LED's 1 Watt LED strips are available in various lengths:
  • Lengths: 400mm, 800mm, 1200mm and 1600mm
  • Power consumption: 16.2W, 32.4, 48.6W and 59W
These pull alot more wattage than the smaller LED strips and LED tape's meaning they are alot more brighter and powerful. Also available for the LED strips are optics - an optic version 1 watt strip throws light further and more directional rather than the non-optic version which is more of a flood.
  • optics available are 8/25/25×8
 The optic versions are ideal for washing down walls or back bars etc. you could fit one optic LED bar at the top or bottom of a wall and this would throw the light from top to bottom giving an even light effect.(see photos above and below). Having many strips next to each other all around a room you can then change the colour of the whole walls giving stunning effect and allowing you to create and mood as desired.

LED strips come complete with fixing brackets so they are easily fitted in any application. These can be angled so you can find the best effect for your application. The LED strips are also available in an IP rated version for exterior use. The optic IP rated LED strips are ideal for washing down fronts of buildings / signs etc to give your bar / club / restaurant a stunning feature and to attract attention. (see photos below)
Quality: Instyle LED's 1 Watt strips are premium commercial quality. There are various Chinese alternatives which look the same but are of poor quality , less brightness and will not last. Here at Instyle LED our 1 Watt strips are UK manufactured here in Leicester and we use only the premium components to supply the commercial market at a right price. We use the branded Luxion 1Watt k2 LED's with a 50,000 hour life. We have thorough quality control and our strips are designed to 'fit and forget'.


  • For interior use only IP20. Exterior IP67
  • Power consumption (400) 16.2W, (800) 32.4W, (1200) 48.6W and (1600)59W per fitting!
  • limitless colour, achieve 16 million vibrant colours with RGB and RGBW mixing
  • Easy setup.
  • Excellent colour mixing.
  • Complete with mounting Brackets supplied
  • Generating powerful RGB colour change effects for indoor / outdoor use
  • Max. input current: 350 mA
  • Power consumption: 16.2W, 32.4, 48.6W and 59W
  • Lengths: 400mm, 800mm, 1200mm and 1600mm
  • Size: 30mm (Height) 45mm (Width)
  • RGB / RGBW colour mixing
  • Single colour Red, Green, Blue and Amber
  • Single colour Warm White and Cool White
  • Mount: Brackets supplied
  • optics 8/25/25×8
  • Operating Ambient Temp. Range: -20°C/ +40°C
  • Operating Temperature: +50°C @ ambient 25°
  • Cooling System: convection

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