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Multizone Controller

The Instyle LED multizone controller is the most professional, commercial grade wireless system on the market for LED lighting. With no limit to the amount of LED tape this system can control this makes it ideal for large venues, clubs , bars , restaurants. With other remote systems having a limit on how much they can control this system blows them away. Not only is there no limit to the amount of LED tape you can control from one remote you can also have up to 10 zones! This making the controller ideal for any application where you want different settings for different areas but all controlled from one remote control..wireless! For example on a large club - one zone could be the front bar , you could set this to colour scroll,  Zone 2 could be cove lighting ,you could set this to static white and so on up to 10 zones! You can also set various areas to one zone such as the bar and covings could both be on zone 1 giving them the same settings. The controller also has a mode to be able to control all the zones if you wanted everything the same. The control this system offers is unbelievable for its size and price giving everything you need and wireless. The controller is radio remote so it doesn't have the be line of sight and will still pick up signal a good 15m away from the receiver. The controller has a touch screen colour wheel allowing you to select any shade of any colour. The controller has various options from static colours, whites , to colour scrolls and on/off.  Each receiver can power up to 40m of the RGB 24v 7.2w LED tape and up to 20m of the RGB 14.4w LED tape. See RGB LED tape

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