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LED Tape for kitchens what type to choose?

There are many types of LED tapes on the market so when it comes to choosing the LED tape for your kitchen it can be confusing which type to choose.

 Here is some information to help you choose the right LED tape for your application.

Firstly you must decide on where you are fitting the LED tape:

Under Kitchen cabinets:  If you are looking to install lighting under your kitchen cabinets as ‘working light’ - light bright enough to complete general tasks without any other lighting required - about the same light as a fluorescent tube . Then the LED tape you require is the high bright 14.4w per metre type.
Plinth lighting / kickboards / above cabinet:  If you are looking to install lighting under your plinths / kickboards or above your cabinets this is more feature lighting to give more of a soft glow and doesn’t need to be as high powered. The the LED tape you require is the standard brightness 4.8w per metre type.

What else do I require once I have selected the LED tape I want?

All LED tape requires either a 12v or 24v transformer to be powered. The standard 4.8w LED tape is 12v and the high powered 14.4w LED tape is 24v. To determine what size you transformer you require here is a table:

How Much LED Tape our Drivers can run
Product 4.8W 14.4W
LED Tape Colours Single Colour White Single Colour White
30 Watt Driver 6 Metres 2 Metres
60 Watt Driver 12 Metres 4 Metres
100 Watt Driver 20 Metres 6.5 Metres
150 Watt Driver 30 Metres 10 Metres
200 Watt Driver 40 Metres 13 Metres
320 Watt Driver 64 Metres 21 Metres

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