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Ideas of where to use the LED Tape in your home

Planning on using LED Tape to save money/electricity in the home? Where exacly can you use it? Here are some ideas:


LED tape is available in a waterproof IP67 coating, this is a heat shrink coating around the LED tape making it ideal to be used in areas where resistance to water is required. It is low voltage. The LED tape can be use around mirrors to give a feature or inside cupboards to give a soft glow. If you are looking for a more modern feel the pure white LED tape would be ideal or if you are looking for a more homely feel the warm white LED tape would your choice. The standard power 5w LED tape would be ideal for these applications.


LED tape in kitchens is very common due to it being ultra slim, flexible and low wattage. The most common area where the LED tape is used is under kitchen cabinet lighting, if you were to use the 15w LED tape this would be enough light as ‘working light’. Other areas would be as plinth lighting or above cabinet lighting to give a glow halo effect – The 5w LED tape would be ideal for these applications. IP67 waterproof version is available if the area may come in contact with water.

Living room:

Ideal to be used in covings or within furniture such as bookcases to give a special feature. Also a common use of the LED tape is to use the RGB colour changing type behind flat screen TV’s to give a halo splash back onto the wall, the effect is stunning.


Ideal for covings, under bed lighting , headboard lighting – use the RGB colourchanging to give a stunning feature and be able to control all the colours by a wireless remote control. The standard RGB 7.2w LED tape would be ideal for these applications.

Exterior / Garden: 

The LED tape is available in IP67 waterproof type – this meaning it can be used outdoors however it cannot be submersed under water (in ponds etc) . We have IP67 waterproof transformers if you are looking to mount the transformers externally. Please note all connections must be waterproof. We offer a cutting and soldering service.

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