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Laska Bar using Colour changing LED

Laska Bar in Guernsey fitted with RGB colour changing LED tape.
 Products used to create this effect:

71.70m x RGB led tape 7.2w
1 x transformer 150w
1 x transformer 200w
4 x DMX receiver
3 x DMX wall controller

 The Laska bar in Guernsey had a complete refit and chose to use Instyle LED to supply the LED lighting to create mood and atmosphere. RGB LED tape was used all around the venue with stunning effect. From lighting up the back bar bottles to the front bar, to pre made 'drop down' feature circles.
  The LED tape works really well in each area and the customer was very happy with the results. The LED tape really brings the bar to 'life' and completes the look they were going for. To add even more effect using the LED tape the customer decided against just the one controller to control all the LED tape and went for 3 controllers to give full control to 3 different areas. EG. back bar is one area and the circle features are another. With the control that the controllers offer this allows to give great effect with the ability to set one area on the colour scroll option at different times to the other areas etc. Or leave one area static whilst the other areas do different things.


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