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Saving Money with LED tape lights

LED tape can save you money in a number of ways, here’s a little explanation as to how and why...

The initial cost of purchasing the LED tape lighting maybe more than purchasing standard light bulbs or fluorescent tubes, however there are other factors that you should take into account when looking at the financial benefits as the start-up cost is just a small part of the story.

Energy Consumption:

Electricity is the main cost when running lighting to power it – financial benefits will come for the less electricity used.

There are cheaper lights to buy on the market than the LED tape such as Halogen bulbs and Incandescent tubes. However these are also more expensive to run. With these types of bulbs 90% of the energy is wasted on heat and actually on 10% is converted to light. This meaning the high amount of electricity used compared to actual output will always make these an expensive method of lighting.

LED’s on the other hand use very little electricity. 90% of their energy is used on useful light whereas only 10% is wasted on heat. This meaning LED’s use very little energy making the extremely cheap to run. The initial cost of purchasing the LED lights maybe higher but you can soon recoup your costs in no time at all depending on how little or often you use the LED lighting.

Life Expectancy:

Life expectancy is the other major financial factor to consider. (The cost of replacing a bulb over a given period of time). The average life expectancy of filament bulbs is around 1000 hours. This meaning you will be often changing these, although the replacement cost is not that high, over a longer period of time say 10 years this will certainly add up.

The life expectancy of the LED tape lights is between 50,000 and 70,000 hours. Thus meaning that replacing the LED tape is virtually irrelevant as that amount of hours in real terms equates to around over 20 years.

The LED tape is less prone to accidental damage as it is not made out of glass or tubes. This is a fit and forget product. A waterproof IP67 version of the LED tape light is available.

The cost of LED’s has dramatically come down over the years due to the advanced LED technology making them for available for the mainstream and home market. The future predicted cost of LED’s is to be halved over the next 5 years due to the rapid rate of advancing LED technology. This making the LED products even more financially beneficial compared to comparison alternatives.

LED's for signage

LED tape used in signage: LED tape is ideal for illuminating signs and displays.

In the past, most front shop signs and displays have been lit up with either neon or cold cathode tubes. Nowadays these options are being used less and less in favour of LED lighting systems. That is because there are many short and long term advantages to using LED both for the installer and the business owner.

Primark sign with cyan Instyle LED Tape installed inside the letters to light them up

Here are some advantages of using LED tape:

  • Easy installation
  • Thin and discrete
  • Safe to use (no glass)
  • Longer life
  •  Wide range of colours available including colourchanging systems
When installing LED's they do not have any glass or filaments to break so there is alot less worry of damage. Also LED's tend not to be restricted to length as per florescent tubes. The LED tape comes in strip form and can easily be cut  or extended to any length allowing for a perfect installation.

The LED tape comes with 3m self adhesive tape on the back making installing a breeze, simply clean the surface and peel and stick. Where required or where waterproof LED tape is being used clips are supplied for the customer to screw either side of the LED tape.

The LED tape works at either a low 24v or 12v making the product incredibly safe compared to other lighting alternatives. The LED tape can also be waterproof ideal for exterior signs that are uncovered. 

LED tape barely gives off any heat as over 90% of its energy is used as light and only 10% is used as heat. This making the LED tape ideal to install in compact areas where overheating with other lighting alternatives maybe an issue.

The efficiency of the LED tape is well known, this is ideal in commercial applications or on large projects. You can create great results whilst using very little power consumption, this saving £££'s over the years. 

Ask Italian sign with Instyle LED tape lighting up the logo from inside

Life expectancy of LED's is the main benefit of using them. Installing a project with LED means virtually no maintenance and expect a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours meaning you wouldn't need to change the fittings for at least a decade. This will also save money on call outs and repairs. 

There are so many various types of LED tape on the market you have the choice of virtually any colour. You can also go for colour changing LED tape! There are many options that you can select when using this type of LED tape - select any shade of any colour, colour scrolls , time delays, and even strobing if you really want to attract customers!

Saving £££ with LED tape

Saving money with LED tape!:  Can LED tape save you money? Yes it can! The initial cost of purchasing the LED tape maybe more than buying florescent tubes or light bulbs but there are 2 further factors that you should consider in the financial benefits as the upfront cost is just a small part of the story.

Energy Consumption: 

The main cost when running lighting is the electricity to power it - so the less electricity used then naturally the better the financial benefits.

Halogen and incandescent light bulbs are the cheapest lights to buy. However they are also the most expensive to run. This is because 90% of the energy is wasted on heat and only 10% is actually converted to light. This meaning that you can never expect a positive cash flow when using these types of light bulbs. The high amount of electricity they use for their output will always be an expensive method of lighting.

LED's on the other hand use very little electricity. They waste only10% of energy and use 90% of the energy as useful light. This making LED lighting very cheap to run as they use so little energy. The initial cost maybe higher but depending on how little or often you use the LED lighting  you can expect to recoup your costs in no time at all.

Life expectancy:

The other major financial factor to consider is life expectancy. (the cost of replacing a bulb over a given period of time). If you use filament bulbs then average life expectancy is 1000 hours. This meaning that you will probably be changing these quite often , although the cost to replace is not that high, over a 10 year period this will add up.

LED tape has a life expectancy of between 50,000 to 70,000 hours. In real terms that equates to around over 20 years, meaning replacing the LED tape is virtually irrelevant.

LED tape is not made out of glass or tubes meaning they are less prone to accidental dame - LED tape is effectively a fit and forget product. The LED tape can also be waterproof meaning that any water damage, steam etc. will not fault the product.

LED technology is so advanced and the cost to but the LED's has dramatically been reduced making them available for the mainstream market. LED technology is advancing more and more at a rapid rate so the predicted future costs are to be halved within the next 5 years making the product more and more financially beneficial compared to comparison alternatives. The futures bright....the futures LED.

Gatecrasher Nottingham

Instyle LED supplied MR16 RGB downlights for custom features at Nottingham's Gatecrasher.  Gatecrasher were looking to colour-change custom made features. The features were a selection of 4 large glitter balls on top of each other surrounded by hanging Gatecrasher logo discs. 8 x Instyle LED's 3w RGB downlights were then mounted around the edge of the base circle holding the transformers. The idea was then to hang these from the ceiling and linking them to be fully controlled from the main DMX desk. The effect is stunning and adds a magnificent feature to the ceiling, the customer was extremely happy. The light thrown from the powerful Instyle LED RGB fittings lights up the glitter balls and also the Gatecrasher logo discs. One Instyle LED IND36 powerdriver were used in each feature - this includes a power supply and a dmx receiver in one. Cat 5 cable was then taken from one feature to the next and from the last feature to the dmx desk to give full control.

Nine Rooms Karaoke

Nine Rooms Karaoke bar is Brighton's newest addition to the already buzzing night-life. A complete new build Nine Rooms has 9 x Karaoke booths fitted with the latest equipment, quality sound and Instyle LED's Led lighting to give an amazing experience. Instyle LED were called in to supply LED lighting for each of the 9 booths and all independently controllable. The booths had ready made coving going around the ceiling in all of the 9 booths and the customer wanted LED lights to shine above them. We knew the exact product for the job.. Instyle LED's 7.2w 24v RGB LED tape. The Colourchanging RGB LED tape was fitted into the coving of each booth with a total of around 12m in each booth. Because they needed to be independently controlled each booth had its own power supply and DMX receiver that were tucked in the ceiling and a cable brought down to a stainless steel DMX wall controller. The wall controller allows the customer to select static colours, fully dim, colour scrolls and even sound to  light mode with its inbuilt microphone. The controller is so simple to use the owner can show the customers  how to use it right away giving them full control of what mood and atmosphere they want to set.
Disco ball with Instyle LED Tape

Purple effect of the LED Tape

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